At Alaska Rail Vacations, our itineraries are inspired by our own adventures, be it riding Alaska Railroad into Denali National Park, through rugged wilderness to find wildlife or up to the north to see the beautiful Aurora Borealis. Our team has traveled by rail on many routes to ensure every detail of our trips are up to our standards, and to pick up expert tips and recommendations to pass on to you, our travelers. So go ahead, settle in and dive into one of our stories. It might just spark an idea or inspire you to plan your next trip.

Alaska Railroad

All Your Questions about Alaska Railroad, Answered

Traveling through the heart of America’s largest state, it's possible to explore many of Alaska’s must-sees using only the comfort of the train. Here are all of your questions about the Alaska Railroad, answered.

6 Unforgettable Alaska Train Tours to Take with Alaska Railroad

America has had a lot going on in 2020, and naturally, we're dreaming of travel. Removed from the rest of the states, Alaska offers an ever-tempting escape, best explored by car or on an unforgettable train tour with Alaska Railroad.